Who is rakwireless

Who We Are

RAK delivers innovative Internet-of-Things (IoT) products to our global community.

Our growing number of distributors and partners help us to get closer to developers around the world.

Our vision is to be a first-class supplier of smart hardware and be the first choice for IoT solutions.

We believe that the simplest solution is the best, and we always consider the requirements of our customers to help them solve their IoT challenges.

Our experienced engineers work hand-in-hand with end-user developers to achieve our mission, which is to develop and supply advanced IoT technology and services to the market.

What rakwireless company do

What We Do

Our goal is to bring IoT solutions closer to entrepreneurs and enthusiasts, and connect things to the internet so that people and organizations operate at their full potential.

We are your all-in one IoT solutions provider that ranges from end node sensors to cloud computing.

We are proud to be in partnership with large ecosystems like Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple, with a growing pipeline of projects in the consumer and business community.

Why rakwireless do it

Why We Do It

RAK is committed in delivering practical and effective IoT solutions to people. With the next era of internet connectivity, these solutions should not be reserved to multi-dollar companies, but also for individuals with dreams and aspirations.

We are here to empower and help you achieve unique solutions for your needs.

Our story

Shenzhen RAKwireless Technology Co., Ltd. was established in June 2014. It is based in Shenzhen, China with an R&D center in Shanghai and an office in Beijing. Our mission is to develop and supply advanced IoT technology and services to the market.

The technical competency of the founder and his team on developing IoT middleware devices has brought significant achievements each year. From patenting unique solutions (with 3 patents as of this writing) to the partnership of IoT ecosystems (including Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and others), RAKwireless continues its legacy in bringing easy solutions to IoT developers.

Our Company Offices

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