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In Kudzu we envision a future for the IoT domain, where implementation-specific details are abstracted away, and technologies interoperate with each other allowing you to focus your creative power to your solution.

Our primary focus is the network connectivity of the IoT devices, since it’s a feature that greatly impacts the production costs, the versatility and the security of the end product. Since customer and application demands can change throughout a product’s lifetime, we offer solutions that enable multi-radio devices to dynamically adapt their configuration to their environment.

Our Kudzu Analytics platform collects real-time information from your (or partner) network deployments and provides aggregate coverage information. With this information, IoT network operators can identify issues and optimise their network installation, while at the same time IoT devices can use this information to adapt to their surroundings.

We can therefore make network deployments that are inherently unreliable, such as sparse LoRaWAN installations, to deliver guaranteed quality to the consumers.

Our Sprout IoT Kernel provides a turn-key solution for using our intelligent multi-radio uplink solutions. It integrates seamlessly with our analytics platform and takes care of delivering your payload to your application services regardless of the carrier. It adapts automatically on your power demands, and criticality of your message, making it the most versatile solution on the market.

Our Sprout IoT ecosystem is our hardware solution that integrates the good practices and radio configurations that we advocate. It incorporates an extensible design, versatile power distribution grid, low-power capabilities, and hardware security features. Combined with our remote diagnostic services and hardware debugging extension, makes it an ideal solution for your next IoT project, minimizing the time-to-market from months to weeks!

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