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Creator Pro-Ameba RTL8711AM WiFi Module

  • ☼ Support the Arduino IDE;
  • ☼ More IO, More Memory;
  • ☼ Global Certification for Module (FCC/CE/KCC/TELEC);
  • ☼ Supports NFC tags with read and write functions;
  • ☼ High Standard Hardware Performance;

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Introduction Characteristic Pin Definition Specifications Creator Module Comparison Table Applications


Creator Pro is a convenient development kit for makers. It includes RTL8711AM chip and integrated programming tools. Creator Pro is Arduino compatible. Integrated high-performance CPU, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and a wealth of peripherals, Standard Arduino library, as an excellent single-chip networking solution, you can easily implement your IoT prototype.


☼ To achieve IoT application development, with a variety of peripheral interface WiFi, GPIO, I2C, UART, PWM, ADC;
☼ Compatible with Arduino, powered by Micro USB;
☼ Support Win XP/7/8 32 & 64 bit, MAC OS operating system;
☼ Using RTL8711AM chip, integrated internal memory and flash memory, 1MB ROM,2MB SDRAM and 512KB SRAM;
☼ Supports NFC tags with read and write functions

Pin Definition


CPU32-bit ARM Cortex M3, up to 166MHz
Memory1MB ROM, 2MB SDRAM and 512KB SRAM
Key FeaturesIntegrated with 802.11 b/g/n 1x1 Wi-Fi
NFC Tag with Read/Write Function
Hardware SSL engine
Maximum 19 GPIOs
1 SPI Interfaces and support master and slave mode
2 UART Interfaces including 1 HS-UART and one log UART
3 I2C Interfaces and support both master and slave mode
1 I2S/PCM Interfaces and support both master and slave mode
4 PWM interfaces
1 ADC interfaces
1 DAC interfaces
Power supply3.3V  (60-80ma)

Creator Module Comparison Table

Hardware Specifications

 CreatorCreator Pro
CPUARM M3 / 83MHzARM M3 / 166MHz
Internal Flash1MBN/A
External FlashN/A2MB
Retail Price¥60.00 ¥67.0  ¥60.0


smart car
☼ Using the CREATOR pro development board, you can directly control the I / O port drive four-wheel drive car, combined with CREATOR pro WIFI function, to achieve wireless remote control car
Sensor data collection
☼ CREATOR pro based on the external interface, you can collect a variety of sensor data, and then through the connection router, spread to the remote server
NFC information read
☼ In the CREATOR pro NFC interface connected to the NFC antenna, you can CREATOR pro as NFC tag storage information
Real-time power detection
☼ CREATOR pro development board supports all the way ADC interface, can be used to detect real-time power, and then transmitted through the WIFI, the battery information will be uploaded to the place you want to upload