Standard WiFi Module

Faced up with diversified industry development, RAK makes it more clearly the realizing of IoT. Our development is not limited to the field of smart hardware. By creating rich and various product models, RAK is committed to providing core middlewares for IoT field and providing more comprehensive support for even more industries and fields.

  • ☼ Numerous sizes to meet the requirements of diversified models of products
  • ☼ Diversified interfaces, supporting SDIO, USB and MINIPCIE
  • ☼ Various features to meet the demands of differential development
Model Feature WIFI IC Size Package Interface MIMO WiFi 802.11ac WiFi 802.11bng WiFi 802.11a BT Band2.4G Band5.8G OS
RAK3101 Wince OS AR6X 21*19*2.5 SMT SDIO 1T1R Wince6.0/7.0
RAK3203 Low-Cost RTL8189FTV 16*14*2.2 Linux, Android
BCM4339 12*12*1.5 SMT SDIO 1T1R BT4.1 Linux, Android
HDWF-77D QCA1023 12*12*1.85 BT4.1
SDWF-23BS RTL8723BS 12*12*1.85 BT4.0
AR1021X 29.5*20*2.3 SMT USB 2T2R Linux, Android
SDWF-8B RTL8188EUS 13*12*1.65 1T1R Win XP, Win7, Linux
SDWF-8B1 RTL8188ETV 13*12*1.65 1T1R Win XP, Win7, Linux
SDWF-13B RTL8192EU 13*12*1.8 2T2R Win XP, Win7, Linux
HDWF-92D RTL8192DU 27*17.8*1.9 2T2R Win XP, Win7,
Linux, Mac,
HDWF-11AU RTL8811AU 23*17*3.0 1T1R Linux, Android
AR9382 27*30*1.05 DIP MINIPCIE 2T2R Win XP, Win7
SDWF-9B AR9287 27*30*1.05
HDWF-82D QCA9882 50.8*29.9*3.8

If you still cannot find a suitable application product,
please contact your sales person in charge immediately to
seek for a right solution for you.

As a professional company of IoT access technology design, we are very willing to provide customized
design for your products.

Multi System Support and Integration of Multiple Protocols

  • ☼ From Wince 6.0, Wince 7.0 to Android, Linux
  • ☼ MQTT/HTTPS/TLS/SSL/mDNS/Enterprise/FTP/uPNP/P2P/WIFI Direct

The Rich Application Interface

  • ☼ Support USB, SDIO, Half-Mini-PCIE and other interface
  • ☼ Provide more alienated options
  • ☼ Rampart is created,and with 2-circuit socket communication differential application is achieved

WiFi, Bluetooth Multi Mode Coexistence

  • ☼ Support multi manufacturer Bluetooth and WiFi Combo module