Solution NameInputOutputClient Connection NumbersPower SourceDistance4GLive PlatformAudioEthernet LANData TunnelLatency
FlyLink AP ModeHDMIWiFi39~24V150MNApp StreamingYNUARTabout 200ms
FlyLink AVAVWiFi39~24V600MNApp StreamingNNUARTabout 200ms
FlyLink HDHDMIWiFi39~24V800MNApp StreamingYNUARTabout 200ms
FlyLink AV plusAVHDMI/WiFi39~24V800MExternalRTMP StreamingNYUARTabout 200ms
FlyLink HD plusHDMIHDMI/WiFi9~24V800MExternalRTMP StreamingYYUARTabout 200ms
FlyLink LiveHDMI/SDI39~24V800MExternalRTMP StreamingYYUARTabout 200ms
FlyLink ProHDMIHDMI/SDI2.5~7.5V200MYN<100ms
① Customized Development
② Support external 4G module.This solution does not include 4G Module . if use, you need to add another 4G Router.

6 Modules Define Different Solution

According to application scenarios to support rich output or input interfaces,transmission distance,Video Quality etc.

☼ Support HDMI、AV input,HDMI、SDI、WiFi output

☼ Support 150meters/500meters/800meters/1000meters video transmission

☼ Supoort VGA@30fps/720p@30fps/1080p@30fps video quality

Support Push video to live platform via RTMP protocol

Support low latency , high concurrency in live video

☼ Support WiFi,Ethernet,3G,4G to push live

☼ Support up to 1080(1920*1080)@30ftp video transmission

☼ Support Multiple live platform ,such as Facebook Live、Periscope、YouTube Live、YY Live

Support Multiple terminal to play Real-Time video

Plug and Play and Multiple application scenarios

☼ Support 3 smartphones and HDMI Screen to play at the same time

☼ Mature application cases : UAV,home entertainment,Video Live,security,office etc.

☼ Customization for your application