WisBlock Assembly

Modular IoT System and Plug and Play development

WisBlock’s modular system makes it easy to customize IoT applications to your liking. Insert the sensors or modules that you need and run it as soon as you finish building the project. The plug-and-play development makes WisBlock a unique system of its own that delivers quick and easy solutions for complex concerns.

Fast to connect

The best and easiest solution for your IoT project

WisBlock is the new simplified solution to start IoT projects! It is a complete, qualified system solution guaranteed to make the process of building and deployment trouble-free. WisBlock includes open-source software, and a series of modular block-like-sensors, for tailored computing and connectivity.

WisBlock Modules

WisBlock is a new modular IoT solution to build ready-to-market products and quick IoT project deployments. Standard mobile sockets, like the ones used in iPhones, are used to connect WisBlock sensors together making it easy to build new IoT applications!

WisBlock Connector
WisBlock Communication Protocols

Communications Protocols

WisBlock combines both long-range and short-range communication protocols which you can capitalize for your IoT applications! Combine both BLE and LoRa® to have all your communication bases covered. Tools such as the My nRF52 ToolBox Android app and the RAK4631 example code can be utilized to make communication setup simple and easy to configure.

Good Documentation

Access a rich array of information regarding WisBlock through the RAK documentation center and discover its many use-cases in a variety of industries! Its customizable nature lends itself to IoT applications used for Smart Farming, Smart Cities, and Smart Homes. Example source codes are also available on Github for further information.

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WisBlock Modules

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