Begin Your Journey Into Modular IoT With WisBlock Kits

Jumpstart your IoT applications with all that you need to send and forward data to a LoRaWAN server. All WisBlock kits include a gateway and a node making it easy to build your smart system.

RAK Developer Kit (Entry Kit)

Let your ideas reign with the RAK Developer Entry Kit. Add any of our WisBlock Sensor or IO modules to build a system entirely your own.

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RAK Developer Entry Kit

RAK Developer Kit (Weather Kit)

Build your own smart weather station and measure temperature, humidity, pressure, and luminosity. Send your data over a LoRaWAN server so you can access weather information anytime, anywhere. No need to worry about harsh conditions, the RAK Developer Weather Kit comes with an indoor enclosure so that your kit is always safe and sound.

RAK Developer Weather Kit

RAK Developer Tracker Kit

Track your assets and receive location information of your pets, loved ones, and other valuables quickly and easily. The kit includes an IP65 outdoor enclosure with a solar panel to recharge the battery of the tracker. Note: Battery sold separately.

RAK Developer Tracker Kit

RAK Developer Kit (Air Quality)

Ensure clean air wherever you are by building an indoor air quality monitor with the RAK Developer Air Quality Kit. Send and receive data through the LoRaWAN server so you can access it remotely. The kit also includes an indoor enclosure to protect your modules.

RAK Developer Air Quality Kit

Need ideas on what to build with your new WisBlock kit? We have example source codes available from our RAK technical team and the open-source community:

1 NEW WisBlock Solution

WisBlock Solutions

GNSS Tracker for LoRaWAN


WisBlock Solutions gives you the versatility of the modular IoT system with an AT Command Interface in an already assembled package. Perfect for users who need ready-to-use assembled devices—all you have to do is deploy it.

Use LoRaWAN's long-range capabilities to track your assets with the first ever WisBlock Solution GNSS Location Tracker for LoRaWAN. Built with: WisBlock GNSS Module, WisBlock Environment Sensor.

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16 NEW WisBlock Modules

WisBlock Sensor
WisBlock Interface