Modular Components

The RAK7431 is built with WisBlock modules. This enables future extension or hardware upgrades with a simple plug-and-play technology.

WisBlock Components:

  • WisBlock Base RAK5005 - base board
  • WisBlock Core RAK4201- low-power STM32L071 MCU
    and SX1272 LoRa transceiver
  • WisBlock IO RAK5802 - RS485 Modbus to LoRa bridge

Peripheral and Power Supply Connectors

Reliable screw terminal interface makes it simple to connect the power supply and the RS485 devices to the RAK7431.

For the device set-up a computer can be connected through the standard USB Micro connector.

RAK7431 Peripherals

Durable Enclosure

The RS485 bridge comes in an industrial-grade IP31 enclosure. Several mounting points give flexibility when deploying the modules.

RAK7431 Casing

Network Topology

RAK7431 uses Semtech SX1276 LoRa transceiver for wide-range and low-power consumption. It covers all ISM bands for LoRa communication like 867MHz for Europe and 915MHz for US.

Network Topology

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