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Datacake is both the name of the product and the company behind its development, namely an IoT platform with a special focus on getting started right away.

Datacake is cloud-based and the entire product can be operated as a Software as a Service service via a web interface. For this purpose, the interested user registers on Datacake via email address and password and can immediately start creating the first devices. By default, we allow each new customer to add up to 2 devices for free and no credit card or other means of payment is required to add them.

For adding IoT hardware, Datacake offers various integrations, of which LoRaWAN integration is probably the most prominent among them at the moment. Presets for various devices are available here and external LoRaWAN network servers can be connected via webhook integrations. Datacake thus supports not only various products from RAKwireless but also the following LoRaWAN networks: TheThingsNetwork, TheThingsIndustries (TTNv3, TTI), Loriot and Helium with uplink and downlink function, as well as: ChirpStack, Actility, KPN each with only the uplink function.

By creating via a template, a corresponding device with dashboard, database fields and payload decoder as well as downlink functions is immediately created on the platform. The user can individualize the things predefined via the template and then add further devices, which then inherit from this device - or are created as a new template.

Every user has at least one workspace on Datacake by default - or is a guest in it. A workspace is the multi-tenancy capability of the platform and any number of workspaces can be created. Each workspace can contain different devices and members (with different rights) - or be moved between workspaces (and exist in more than one at the same time).

Via the white label package, Datacake can then be connected to an individual domain, as well as define its own e-mail address, which is then used for all communication (alerting, alerts, etc.). In this way, Datacake is completely hidden from view and the end customer only sees the white label platform.