Custom Embedded Antennas & Custom External Antennas

Simplify custom antenna design and overcome challenges with comprehensive Custom Antenna Service by RAKwireless.

What We Aim to Achieve

Real Use Cases

Design, test, and deliver custom external and embedded antennas based on your specific requirements

Real Use Cases

Adjust performance, installation, and environmental specs according to your needs

Real Use Cases

Focus on the provisioning of LoRa®, Small Cell, Enterprise Wi-Fi, GPS, and Embedded antennas

Real Use Cases

Maximize the use of our vertical market product range, including 5G, industrial-IoT, intelligent transportation, building, and enterprise wireless solutions

The RAK Custom Antenna Service

This service includes the entire R&D process and product launch cycle. Initiated by unique customer requirements, RAK supports clients from simulation and basic prototypes to extensive pilot runs and mass production. Our professional team works closely and directly with customers to evaluate each distinct requirement and ensure the best performance based on the planned use case for the product.

Maximize RAK’s Expertise in Advanced Antennas

Take advantage of our extensive expertise in IoT antennas designed for GPS, LoRa, LPWAN, LoRaWAN®, and Cellular technologies.

Elevate your IoT solutions using our innovative technology and experience the benefits of long-range wireless communication.

Overcoming Your Antenna Challenges

Understanding the challenges you face is the first step in finding the right solutions. Here are some common challenges you might be facing and how we can help overcome them:

Challenge 1: Placement of the Antenna

Understanding Your Challenge:

You're unsure where to place the antenna for optimal performance.

How to Start:

Begin by defining your use case. This will allow us to evaluate potential antenna designs and guide you on where to place the antenna for the best performance.

Challenge 2: Finding the Right Antenna

Understanding Your Challenge:

You’re unsure if you need a ready-to-use antenna that fits your device and customized enclosure.

How to Start:

Define the performance requirements for your finished product (range, size, shape, etc.). Our RAK engineers will work out the details and ensure the antenna fits your device and enclosure perfectly.

Challenge 3: Cost of Professional Antenna Tuning

Understanding Your Challenge:

Professional antenna tuning services are expensive and can involve complex negotiations.

How to Start:

Define the expected antenna cost margin for your finished product. We'll estimate the level of performance that can be achieved within your budget, ensuring you get value for your money.

Challenge 4: Lack of Technical Knowledge

Understanding Your Challenge:

You don't have the expertise in antenna design to get the best matching antenna for your product.

How to Start:

Just set the performance requirements for your finished product. Our engineers will handle all the technical details, including defining environmental protection level requirements and translating them into antenna IP ratings. All you have to do is set up your product launch date requirements, and we'll do our best to keep up with your schedule.

Our Design Process

We offer different levels of services depending on your budget and time constraints and can take any extra steps you require to validate your product design.

1. Simulation report

Run a software simulation that would predict how the final product is expected to perform as far as RF propagation goes.

2. Anechoic chamber testing and report

We will generate a detailed report that will be based on the results acquired in an anechoic chamber testing.

3. Prototype

We allow customers to run the antenna with their device to evaluate the system performance personally once we have a finished prototype.

4. Pilot run report based on customer-confirmed prototype

We will generate a report based on the prototype that has been selected by the customer.

5. Components material selection suggestion

We will help you select the materials that would help the antenna reach the desired result.

6. Preliminary Bills of Materials (BOM) cost

We will generate a preliminary quote based on the selected materials.



We not only understand antenna performance but also system performance and expectations.

  • We can transfer expected system performance into practical antenna parameters.
  • We are experts in IoT edge devices.
  • We require only application and use case metrics to translate them to antenna requirements and designs.


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Let RAK help you create antennas tailored to your needs—from concept to production.

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