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RAK2270: Pioneering Asset Tracking with Open Source Innovation


Our Journey to Open Source:
A Story of Collaboration and Innovation

Our journey to open source began with the launch of RAK2270 powered by STM32WLE5. We were inspired by the innovative ideas and feedback from developers worldwide. Recognizing the challenges they faced in building their own solutions, we decided to open source RAK2270. Our goal is to inspire innovation, drive collaboration, and simplify the development process. We're not just offering the hardware; we're also committed to supporting the community in realizing its full potential.

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RAK2270 is an innovative battery-powered LoRaWAN® tracker with a sleek, label-like form factor. Designed for seamless integration and real-time location tracking, it makes asset tracking effortless and efficient.


Real-time location tracking using the Location Estimator functionality of the Helium network server

Built-in temperature sensor with a range of -20℃ ~ 60℃

Integrated 3-axis accelerometer for motion and impact monitoring.

Supports a wide range of LoRaWAN® frequency bands

Compact and easy to use with tear, peel, and stick functionality

Transforming Industries with RAK Sticker for LoRaWAN®

A-to-B Visibility and Temperature Control for Product Tracking

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We're thrilled to announce that RAK2270 is now open-source.

We invite developers and enthusiasts to contribute, innovate, and help us refine the product. By making RAK2270 open source, we aim to foster a community of innovators who can collaboratively push the boundaries of asset tracking. The firmware of RAK2270 is based on RUI3, which we've also open-sourced.

For more details on how to use and contribute to the project, check our comprehensive documentation.

Services RAKwireless Offers

We understand the challenges of creating a robust product with global applicability. To support your success, we offer:

Manufacturing Services

From design to production, we provide competitive pricing and high-quality manufacturing, scaling from 1K to 1 million units or more.

Antenna and Development Services

Need a unique form factor? Our engineers are here to assist.

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Ready-to-use devices with global certifications, ensuring a swift market entry.

Certification Assistance

Our experienced team can guide you through radio and battery certifications, saving you time.

Component Purchasing

From core SIP modules to qualified batteries, we offer components that meet our stringent quality standards.

Join our vibrant community of developers and users

Share ideas, ask questions, and collaborate to make RAK2270 even better. Together, we can redefine the future of asset tracking.