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Otto Wireless Solutions was established in 2010 by Barry Culligan and Chris Viveiros in order to offer full support for RF and Wireless products. Originally a division of Otto Marketing, which had been providing interconnect and cabling products to the electronics industry since 1990, Otto Wireless Solutions has now expanded its product offering to include W Link routers and modems, M2M and IoT solutions, LoRa® gateways and modules, M Bus devices, GSM boosters, and the full range TP-Link products, as well as expanding the range of antennas and related products.

In 2017, the company drew on their experience gained over the years and launched a brand of high-end outdoor LTE antennas, aptly named Ottennas, to the local market. Otto Wireless Solutions is a level 2 BBBEE company and is ISO certified. They pride themselves on offering customers a high level of commercial and technical support, both commercially and technically.