With their small form factor, RAK concentrator modules are suitable for both new product development and integration into existing products.

How Concentrators Work

The concentrator is an essential part of any gateway for LoRaWAN and enables the reception and transmission of data packets from and to the end devices. It can receive multiple signals to serve a large number of end devices.

How Concentrators Work

Why You Need Concentrator Modules for LPWAN?

Concentrator modules are crucial for LPWAN, facilitating broad, effective networks by integrating gateway capabilities for LoRaWAN into existing systems. They accommodate numerous devices simultaneously with their ability to communicate over multiple channels, allowing for the simultaneous processing of signals from a wide array of devices. These modules serve diverse connectivity demands across smart cities, industrial areas, and agricultural sectors.

Choose Your Hardware


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Concentrator Module: M.2 Form Factor Innovation for LoRaWAN® Applications

These concentrator modules feature Semtech's advanced SX1303 core. They support M.2 slots in 3042 and 2280 form factors. They are created to transform industrial PCs and IoT gateways with M.2 slots into high-performance gateways for LoRaWAN.

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Why RAK?

WisLink concentrator modules are ideal for businesses and innovators. Here is why you should choose RAKwireless for your IoT deployments:

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Cutting-Edge Technology

RAK concentrator modules use advanced Semtech technology with SX1303 and SX1302 LoRa chips for top performance, low energy use, and excellent signal handling. They have up to 10 parallel paths for processing signals and features like Listen Before Talk (LBT) and precise timestamping, making them highly efficient and reliable for IoT.

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Ready-to-Use for Rapid Development

We offer an open-source software stack and examples that help you develop and deploy new systems quickly. It also enables integration into existing systems. The stack supports the Common Packet Forwarder and the Basics Station Forwarders. These technologies provide seamless connectivity options for any LoRaWAN server, such as TTN, ChirpStack, Helium, AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN, and many others.

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Versatile Connectivity Options

The WisLink product line supports many industrial and IoT uses with its flexible design, including mini-PCIe and M.2 slot support. RAKwireless offers the adaptability and easy integration to quickly advance your projects, whether you are adding to current equipment or starting a new project from zero.

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Customer Support and Community

We will support you fully with top-notch customer service and a lively developer and IoT enthusiast community. Whether it is help with technical issues, choosing the right product, or finding inspiration for your project, we are here for you every step of the way.

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Global Frequency Support

RAK concentrator modules are compatible with a variety of global license-free bands such as EU868, US915, and more, allowing you to deploy IoT solutions almost anywhere. However, each variant is designed to support a specific set of bands to ensure they meet local regulations effectively. This means you'll choose the variant that best fits your regional needs for guaranteed connectivity and compliance.

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Quality and Innovation

RAKwireless is a leader in IoT innovation. We ensure our products are reliable and high-performing through thorough testing. With RAKwireless, you get advanced solutions now and for the future, focusing on what's possible in IoT.

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